After coming to America from Germany, exchange student Selena Kuge expresses the differences between the two countries


Junior Selena Kuge experiences many contrasts between Germany and America. 

 “Everything is different. I don’t know where to start. First of all the culture is completely different, Americans are more friendly than the Germans and more polite. Then the high school spirit is definitely better, but the food does not compare to German food, but there are more fast food options in America.”

In Germany and America, there are different stereotypes of people and wherever you are from you try to fit in the box of where you were raised. We want to know if Selena got what she expected of the stereotypes of certain people. 

¨Some stereotypes were true but there were more stereotypes that I thought weren’t true but ended up to be true.”

In America, almost everyone loves to go to their high school football games, which is one of the most popular high school sports that people enjoy watching. Some countries focus more on other sports like Soccer. Selena discovered that not everyone just watches soccer.

¨I have never watched a football until I came to America, we have more soccer games in Germany, but football games are more enjoyable because of the spirit.”

Selena has done hip hop her whole life, but she wanted to try something different, so she is currently cheering with the Whitney JV cheer team. 

¨I like cheering very much and I’m excited about the next routine we are going to perform. I did not expect cheer to be this much fun for me because I’ve always been a hip-hop person.”