Freshman Alisa Avanesian talks facing your fears, doing what makes you happy and the importance of communicating with your team

Freshman Alisa Avanesian has been acting for a few years, starting from when everybody was bored at home in early 2020 searching for something to keep them sane. Alisa talks about overcoming your obstacles, following what you love, and seizing the opportunity. Though she hasn’t had much experience in theater, or high school theater she talks about her love for it and her excitement for the opportunities to come.

Q: What is your first and last name and how do you spell it?
A: Alisa Avanesian

Q: Are you a new student?
A: Yes, I am a freshman in Theatre I.

Q: What is your favorite class?
A: Probably Theatre.

Q: Can you elaborate on that?
A: I’ve always wanted to do acting, this is my chance to act. It started during quarantine, I was really bored. I did a lot of online acting classes. I enjoyed that.

Q: What is your favorite part about theater and acting?
A: Probably when we do scenes and write scripts, we get to learn how to write a proper script, how to act it out and be creative.
You get to learn, to show emotions, cry, be happy, be crazy, I really enjoy it.

Q: What are the negative aspects?
A: When you mess up, you don’t know what to do, you freeze up, it can be very discouraging, but i just keep trying.

Q: Did you audition for the fall play?
A: I wanted to but I couldn’t get a time slot, couldn’t schedule the audition, but I do plan on auditioning for the spring play. I’m excited for another opportunity.

Q: Do you plan on taking the class next year?
A: I want to do it for all 4 years of highschool, I want acting to affect my life somehow.

Q:Why are you so passionate about it?
A: Acting seems fun, you can be in movies, express your emotions, I guess.

Q: What is your dream role?
A: I would really like to be a mean character, because I’m never mean, I wanna branch out and experience what it’s like to be mean.

Q: What is an obstacle for you?
A: Probably when your group messes up, when one of you messes up you all mess up, it throws you off, you know.




by Harmony Davey