Stella Wingfield judges her busy life


Stella Wingfield in the theater classroom in front of the past musical and show posters. Standing next to a piano, one of her favorite things.

Stella Wingfield has a lot on her hands. She is in band, was part of the school play, and takes advanced classes. When she isn’t at school she enjoys playing the piano or studying. It is a lot to juggle but she still does it all. 

How does being this busy affect her, what does she have to say?

Q: If it does, how does being in theater and the school play affect your school life?

A: It’s a big commitment, I have to skip out on a lot of stuff but it is worth it. 

Q: Does it upset you that you had to miss out on certain events because of theater?

A: I missed the senior football game and playing with the band for tech week. It was sad to miss, but worth it. 

Q: Does being in the school play make it harder to work on school? How?

A: Definitely, It has made it harder. It takes up a lot of time but I do get it done eventually. 

Q: How has theater cut into the band activities?

A: I can’t practice as much and I can’t always bring my instrument home, but they have no big relation.

Q: What is your experience with the school play?

A: I have loved it. You learn so much and it teaches you a lot.

Q: What are some things you have learned?

A:  How discrimination effects people and how different groups of people struggle with discrimination. Also about social events and how discrimination might happen in them.

Q: Do you plan on doing anything with theater after high school?

A: I am not sure, I’m still kind of making decisions for after.

Q:Do you do anything outside of school that isn’t a band or theater?

A: I had done taekwondo when I was younger.  I have been playing piano for 10 years. It is something I have always loved.

Q:How do you jungle all of this? Do you find it hard?

A:. It was definitely challenging at first. It is something you have to get used to but it isn’t impossible.

Q:  Where are the places you have gone for band and piano?

A: I have gone to a few colleges for piano and for band we might go to a few festivals. We also have the possibility of a trip in the future with the band.