Alexandra Nguyen speaks with her racket and plays with her heart


Alexandria Nguyen on the same court she’s played numerous times this season

Serves with talent and hard work, freshman Alexandra Nguyen is the #1 singles player for women’s varsity tennis. With eight wins this season, 15 year-old Nguyen plays on varsity. The broadcasting studio for “Unleashed” has featured her skills on a few occasions. Nguyen shares her experiences, memories, advice and more as we go full swing into this interview. All out, all game, all season, Alexandria Nguyen speaks with her racket and plays with her heart.


Q: How long have you been playing tennis?

A: For about five years on and off but during COVID my mom made us pick it up again.


Q: Why did your mom make you pick it up again?

A: During COVID, there wasn’t much else to do, so she took us out to play everyday.


Q: Did you join Whitney knowing about the tennis program or did you come across it later?

A: I knew about the tennis program before I joined because of my brother who also plays tennis.


Q: Do you practice tennis with your brother often? Or is it individual?

A: I practice with my brother almost every day.


Q: What is your favorite thing about playing tennis?

A: Making new friends although I do appreciate compliments and praise.


Q: What is your relationship with your teammates?

A: I’m good friends with the #2 singles player Anannya and get along well with the others.


Q: Advice for future tennis players?

A: If you are in a tough situation, don’t worry about winning the match. Just focus on getting to the next point.


Q: Does this advice help you?

A: I do tell myself this advice when things start to look tough, and it helps.


Q: What is your favorite memory of this season?

A: The first ever match when I won and everyone including me were shocked. 


Q: Why was everyone shocked? Did you think you weren’t going to win?

A: I could tell that my opponent was older than me, and she was also taller than me, so I didn’t know if it meant she was going to hit stronger or be more experienced than me. Because I haven’t played on the team before, I think that the team didn’t know what to expect.


Q: What is it like being #1 singles player while being the youngest on the team?

A: Intimidating knowing the person I’m facing is bigger and older than I am. But I remind myself I practice this a lot and I can do just as well as they can.