Q&A with Cole Tisdale: Crafting compelling ceramics


Trinity Kim

One of Cole’s favorite classes is ceramics, which is located in room C3. Behind him is a wall filled with the art students’ project on their names.

Stepping into high school life from Granite Oaks Middle School, one of the things Cole Tisdale found himself looking forward to was ceramics. Since then, Tisdale has been loving ceramics and says how he wouldn’t trade it for any other class. Starting out with drawing and styling his name, he’s now moved onto bigger projects such as realism and poetry. 


Q: How have you been adjusting to the campus as a Freshman?

A: A lot easier compared to middle school because I have people I can look forward to everyday.


Q: What are your favorite classes so far?

A: My electives, ceramics and broadcasting have been my favorite classes.


Q: Why are they your favorite classes?

A: I like ceramics because it’s a fun environment with many good people, and I like broadcasting because it does a deep dive on the technical aspects of video production.


Q: What do you like about your elective classes?

A: There’s no homework in those classes which I like, since I hate doing homework, and I feel like with broadcasting it’s really fun because you get to work with cameras. With ceramics, I also really like it because you can mess around with clay and different art materials.


Q: What is ceramics to you?

A: Ceramics is creating art using the medium of pottery. It’s just a class I enjoy. I don’t go home and start doing ceramics and pottery myself, but I think it’s just a fun class overall. 


Q: Speaking of ceramics, have you had any past experiences with pottery? 

A: I had an art class in middle school, but other than that, this is my first time with any clay related material in school.


Q: How would this compare to your past experiences? 

A: Compared to my middle school art class, I feel like ceramics is a lot better than the art class I had in middle school. In high school it has more of an open space which makes it a whole lot more comfortable. 


Q: What made you choose art related classes in both middle school and now high school?

A: I choose art classes because it’s really a fun environment to be in. 


Q: Why do you find it fun?

A: I find art classes to be very laid back and stress free, even relaxing especially when working on projects. 


Q: Anything you personally find challenging about ceramics?

A: No, I don’t really find anything personally challenging about ceramics, though perhaps the glaze can be a little tricky. It is something we use on the pottery itself and I think learning how to do that is pretty hard. 


Q: If you could replace ceramics with any other elective, would you and why?

A: For me personally, I would actually replace another class with a different class, which would be broadcasting for culinary. Not only can I eat free food, but I would also be able to learn how to make it in culinary, which is a win-win situation for me. But would I want to replace ceramics? Not a chance.