Q&A with Aubriella Burket


Aubriella Burket a 4.0 gpa student has academically exceeded the mark for a student athlete with straight a’s in every class. She plays softball for Rocklin Rebels and plans to tryout for Whitney Varsity Girls Softball. She discusses how she manages to keep a good balance between sports and school.

Q: How can you maintain a balance of sports and school?

A: She usuallly keeps a good balance of both but prioritizes school over sports because she knows that you cant play for your school unless you have good grades. She plans to attend a good collage and play for a D1 school.


Q: What is your number one priority in high school sports

A: Her number one priority is to improve and prepare for collage along her years of playing. She thinks that playing highschool ball is a great opportunity to improve and get an aspect of the competition of older girls.


Q: What do you think is the most important aspect of being a student athlete?

A: She thinks the most important aspect is maintaining a healthy balance and having enough time to do other hobbys and spend time with her family.


Q: What motivates you to play softball?

A: Her teammates from her travel team and especailly her dad motivate her. She also uses her younger selves dreams to motivate her to keep playing and trying her best.


Q: What position do you play and why?

A: She plays first base and outfield. She has played outfield ever since 10u and she started playing first base in 2021.