Learn what it is like being a young photographer with Owen Crain


Owen Crain


Q: What is it like having a paying job so young?

A: It feels good because I don’t need to rely on other people’s money and when I buy things it feels earned.

Q: What are some places you have traveled to for your job?

A: I’ve traveled to LA, Arizona, Florida, and Russia.

Q: What is your favorite place you have traveled to and why?

A: Probably LA because there was a lot to do besides photography.

Q: What else was there to do?

A: There were a lot of food trucks and street stands with different food that I like and there were also a lot of shops that I went to that had my style of clothes.

Q: How do people reach out to you to give you a job?

A: They usually message me on Instagram after they’ll see my work posted.

Q: What types of things do you photograph and what is your favorite?

A: I photograph racecars, go-karting meets, and to practice, I like to take pictures of things outside my house. My favorite racecars because ever since I was a little kid I always loved cars.

Q: Do you hope/want it to be a long-term career?

A: No because I have different plans but this works for me right now.

Q: What are your other plans?

A: I want to start my own clothing brand and I hope for it to be successful. 

Q: How much do you get paid for each job?

A: Usually $150 to $1000 each meet but it depends on the size of the race.

Q: How often do you get reached out to and is it reliable enough to make a living at your age?

A: About 10 people per race reach out to me but it isn’t enough to make a living. I feel like I learned how to save my money better though since I started doing it.