VAPA Showcase scheduled to feature dance, music, art, theater Jan. 27


In the dance room Jan. 18, August Donios and Destinee Kombo rehearse their routine to the song Ain’t No Other Man by Christina Aguilera for the VAPA Showcase. Photo by Desiree Montejano.

After a three-year break, art and performing arts students prepare to perform in the VAPA Showcase Jan. 27. Due to the Showcase, there will be a rally schedule and the event will take place after fifth period. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the last showcase took place in 2020, meaning only current seniors have experienced the event. 

“I’m really excited because I was in Dance in my freshman year, so I didn’t get a chance to do it, but I remember watching it and I was so excited to see Dance IV because I thought they were so cool. I’m really excited to perform in front of everyone,” Michaela Mortz said.

Since the last showcase, teachers have expanded the program to include more performances from dance, theater and band classes, while the art and ceramics classes are being represented through slideshows and videos that display students’ creations.

“It has evolved into more of a performing arts showcase; however, it doesn’t mean that the 2D art teachers aren’t preparing. We show that the students are able to achieve, [and that] everyone has potential for growth even if you don’t know anything about art,” Mrs. Deborah Lane said.

With the announcement of the showcase’s return, some students have been preparing longer than others depending on their department. Students have been using this time in order to ensure that the performances resonate with the audience. Dance IV students will be performing their first round of 4WRD dances which they started working on at the end of August, unlike the theater department, which found out about their performance before winter break.  

“It does [take a lot of time], but it’s not really something I like to think of in negative terms because I really do like performing. I also really do like our VAPA department, so I want our student body to be interested in it. Like, ‘Oh maybe I’ll debate taking ceramics,’ or ‘Maybe Jazz Band looks fun, I’ll do that,’” Michaella Leonor said, “So I really want to make it a point this year to try and interest the whole student body in at least one thing and try to make it look super fun. I don’t think it’s as taxing as people think it is because when you do something that you enjoy, then it’s more like play rather than work.” 

All VAPA classes will be represented in their own way, not just through performances. Each art class has been working on several different projects such as ceramic pumpkins, boxes and more throughout the semester that will be shown during the showcase. 

“My favorite part about ceramics is being able to put your creativity into what you make and not being held back by a super tight prompt. I’m really excited to see everyone’s work to be presented at the showcase,” Evan Karr said.

Students performing said they want the audience to have a better outlook on VAPA classes and the hard work that goes into it through the showcase. 

Ceramics teacher Ms. Lindsay Atlas said, “I would appreciate that everyone goes away with the respect that this class does hard work and that it’s not frivolous and fun, but it’s actually essential that students have an opportunity to build something from nothing. That makes you a better human and much happier which is kinda the ultimate goal, to create people that are happy with their lives.”