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The student news site of Whitney High School in Rocklin, Calif.

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The student news site of Whitney High School in Rocklin, Calif.

Whitney Update

Where should you get frozen yogurt this summer?

Analeigh Figueroa gets her frozen yogurt from Crazy for Yogurt & Ice Cream. Photo by Tatiana Martinez.

Looking out the window, watching grass dry out, flowers wilt, and black asphalt reflect the heat waves. As every minute goes by, the day gets hotter. These are conditions we face every summer in our area- and people need ways to cool themselves down. Frozen yogurt is a delicious way to do that, but that begs the question: Which is the best in the Rocklin area? 


Most “froyo” shops – commonly used frozen yogurt slang – have self-serve machines, so you can choose your flavor combinations and portion size. You can also add as many toppings as you wish, because pricing is based on the weight of your frozen yogurt cup for many local shops.


Since the popularity of frozen yogurt is rapidly growing due to the “sweet treat” trend on  social media apps like TikTok, it’s essential you find the best combination of price and taste when sweet treat o’clock strikes. 


Froyo shop #1: Homespun Frozen Yogurt


Homespun Frozen Yogurt, commonly referred to as Homespun, located at Lincoln Hills Town Center, is a popular choice for families and kids due to its decorative interior and photo booth.


The best part about frozen yogurt is the endless opportunities for combination at a good price- something that Homespun does well. 


“We have 110 homemade flavors that are rotated each week, and as far as our pricing, we charge 30 cents less [per] ounce than other places,” Anderson said.


Homespun is unique. Instead of having the common, typical flavors that almost every froyo shop has, they handcraft the froyo with their own recipes. According to Anderson, the average American froyo shop charges 95 cents per ounce, while Homespun charges only 65 cents.


We tried their homemade cheesecake frozen yogurt because it isn’t a very common flavor among froyo places, and topped it with strawberries and yogurt chips. It is safe to say that Homespun deserves their great reputation and 4.8 star Google rating because of the quality and care they show their community.


Froyo shop #2: Frozone


Frozone is located at 910 Pleasant Grove Blvd. #150, and may not be a widely known choice within our student body, but it certainly is a top contender as one of the best froyo shops in our area. Whether it’s your designated sweet treat after getting Chick-fil-A across the street or a refresher in the middle of a hot summer day, Frozone is the perfect place to cool off.


“We are a family-based business,” owner Stacey Alemi said. “I’m the owner, I’m here most of the time. My family is here and they help me out.”


Frozone is an amazing local and family-owned business. Like Homespun, Frozone is deeply involved with family. 


We tasted Frozone’s tart frozen yogurt with strawberries and boba. Based on the variety and overall quality, Frozone is the perfect place to grab your sweet treat this summer to cool off and have a good time.


Froyo shop #3: Crazy for Yogurt


Crazy for Yogurt is part of a small chain business previously known as OMG Yogurt, and this location at Blue Oaks Town Center. This popular attraction, around many restaurants and Cinemark Century Blue Oaks, has been around for about ten years and was put under new ownership in 2017. Recently, they switched the name from OMG Yogurt to Crazy for Yogurt to match with the owners’ other locations in Folsom, Roseville and Carmichael.


“We have self-serve machines and lots of toppings so you can choose whatever combinations you want to have,” employee Alex Samuels said. “We serve snow cones, milkshakes and ice cream as well. We have something for everyone.”


If you and your friends or family are looking for somewhere to go for dessert or a cold snack but can’t agree on what to get, Crazy for Yogurt is the way to go due to their wide variety of options. Plus, if you’re on the look-out for a job this summer, Crazy for Yogurt is a good place to look.


“This is a great place for teens to get a summer job or an after school job because we’re locally owned so it really feels like a family, and it’s just a wonderful place to get experience and meet new people,” Samuels said.


To make sure you are getting what you are searching for, we tested out their froyo. They had many flavor and topping choices, a kind and helpful staff and delicious yogurt. Based on the variety, customer service and the quality, we believe Crazy for Yogurt is a great choice.


Overall, Homespun Frozen Yogurt, Frozone, and Crazy for Yogurt are fun places to get a cold treat in the summer and hang out with friends or family. They each create a community that is comfortable and enjoyable for customers to visit and come back again.


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