Rocklin’s Wild Weekend

Photo by Sara Miller



Just past the entrance, the city of Rocklin fades into the night and is replaced by warm and breezy air, filled with the laughter of little kids winning prizes and the shrieks of adrenaline junkies trying to get their fix on one of 11 rides.

From May 9-13, the City of Rocklin welcomed a carnival to Johnson-Springview Park for its Community Festival. The carnival was in town for five days and scored big with people of all ages. Festivities included local Rocklin business booths, including Wave Cable and Smallcakes of Roseville a lively band, and of course: rides.

Admission was free, and tickets were $1 each. Games, rides and food varied in the amount of tickets.

“I thought it was really cool that (Rocklin) put something on like this, it really goes to show that this town isn’t such a snooze after all.” said sophomore Katie Palin, who attended the carnival friday night with her friends, “I saw so many people from Whitney, it was like a big party with carnival food and music.”

There are 11 rides total, but two were for a younger audience and one was not working for a majority of the week. However, everybody seemed to know just what they wanted.

“I love the atmosphere of it all,” Janelle Sanchez said, who attended Friday night and also sold glow sticks at the Key Club booth. “The whole carnival reminds me of what this summer is going to bring, and (my friends)and I definitely want it to come back.”

After five days of non-stop fun, the carnival packed up and moved out. Rocklin says goodbye to what will be known as one of the funnest festivals this town has ever seen.