Culinary department is back in the kitchen


Mariana Avila prepares a dish in the culinary kitchenon Oct. 22. Photo by ARIANA LORDGE

Mariana Avila prepares a dish in the culinary kitchen on Oct. 22. Photo by ARIANA LORDGE

As the year unfolds, the culinary department is looking forward to enriching new and returning students on the delicate art of cooking.

In addition to the varieties of electives students can take, they are also given the opportunity to be involved in the culinary competition team. Students wanting to sign up for this experience are not required to be in the academic portion of the culinary dept. The only thing the teacher asks of students is that they come with commitment and perseverance to succeed.

The Wildcat Cafe is a student service here on campus that that is used to fundraise for the department. Serving six times per semester, culinary II students are not only able to experience what it takes to work in a restaurant environment, but also serving their classmates as well.  Students are trained on how to properly greet customers and introduce themselves, as well as how to correctly set the dinnerware behind the scenes. This available opportunity treats students to a variety of gourmet foods, allowing them to branch out beyond the average deli or cafeteria foods.

Currently, the culinary program is setting up simple fundraisers for newer appliances to help enhance the learning environment. The students have been given three cookbooks to sell to family and friends; all of the recipes come from both culinary and home ec teachers. The capital gained will help the dept  with getting the desired three-compartment sink and new fridge. More space to accommodate large culinary classes is ideal this year.

Kicking off the year with the safety and sanitation unit for both culinary I and II, the lower levels have been starting with the basic recipes: chocolate chip cookies, smoothies, and fried potatoes.

Being a step ahead of the beginners, Culinary II has had the opportunity to spend their time in the safety unit with a member of the fire department, learning how to properly use a fire extinguisher.  From the very beginning students are taught that safety is the most important aspect of being in the kitchen. “People being safe because I don’t want them getting hurt,” culinary teacher and competition advisor Mrs. Carissa McCrory said. All of these accessible opportunities on campus give students the taste of the real world.