Drama Club makes horror/comedy movie


Members of Drama Club film and direct their movie

For the first time, Drama Club is in the process of making a Horror/Comedy movie for anyone to view. With ideas from the youtube series “The Most Popular Girls In School” and the television show “Portlandia” members of the club seem to be excited for the outcome of the production.

“I actually do think it will be good. At first I thought we weren’t going to accomplish anything. I thought it was just an idea and it was going to end up failing, but they came up with the script and they got everything together, so I think it will turn out well,” freshman Mackenzie Herren said.

However, the filming seems to be hectic on the schedule of members.

“I’ve had to miss a few lunches, and sometimes we have focus issues, but it’ll be worth it. Everyone’s so busy outside of school with their own activities that we can’t really film any other time. I mean I have soccer and I know some people have OPS plays to get ready for,” freshman Samantha Chadwick said.

Thinking for the movie led to simple characters like Smile Girl, Pizza Boy and Instrument Girl to the more complex and scene setting characters like Trashy Girl, Smart Girl and the mysterious killer of this horror/comedy.

“We started to brainstorm pop culture, cliche characters, and thought of characters the people in Drama Club would be able to play,” senior Blu Hunt said.

According to the some, members of the club are sure to be successful in their movie.

“There are so many talented and funny people in drama club,” sophomore Marina Gutierrez said.

Not everyone has been able to stay on track during the project.

“We are very easily distracted and forgetful and people need to start being more responsible, but once they do I think it will turn out super funny,” Hunt said.

Still, there are some doubts about the finished production.

“I think it’s going to be ready hopefully before the end of this school year, because we’re going to film a minute of the movie every day let’s be honest here,” Herren said.

 Apparently, the production is less for the public and more for the club members themselves.

“We’re working one day at a time to make this work. The movie is more of a project for drama people because it’s so fun to work on and it gives us something to do other than improv every week,” Chadwick said.

Either way, Drama Club’s Horror/Comedy is predicted to be very entertaining.

Gutierrez said, “It will be funny and you will be laughing the whole time. We are working really hard on it to make it interesting, hilarious and unique.”