Mr. Anderson becomes new teammate to the math department


Anderson teaching his Algebra 2 class. Photo by Theresa Kim. Photo taken Aug 28, 2013

Anderson teaching his Algebra 2 class. Photo by Theresa Kim. Photo taken Aug 28, 2013

In the middle of his fourth week here, Mr. Alex Anderson is one of three new teachers recruited to be part of the math department.
Fellow math department member Lona Armstrong told what it was like having new teachers in the math department.

“I really like [having a new teacher]. It gives you a new opportunity to hear or see a perspective you haven’t before. In the math department you are always looking for a way to do something better, and new people have fresh eyes,” Armstrong said.

This is Anderson’s first full year teaching;  previously he taught at Excel Academy, a collegiate sports and health preparatory high school in Stockton with both academic and athletic programs for athletes. Along with teaching Algebra II and geometry, Anderson also helps coach JV and Varsity football.

Anderson said he chose Whitney because he wanted to be a part of a successful                      teaching environment.

“I like the relationships between the teachers as well as the relationships between the teachers and the students,” Anderson said.

Sarah Henschel, a student in Anderson’s Algebra II class, described what it is like being in Anderson’s class.

“The students in my class are at different levels of learning so some people will understand  what he’s teach and others won’t. He’s trying to accommodate all levels and some of my past teachers didn’t really give as much individual attention, so it’s really nice to have someone as involved,” Henschel said.

Henschel also told of the difficulty level of the class.

“I think if you pay attention it’s easy to understand plus he’s funny so it’s a fun class,”            Henschel said.

Armstrong also talked about how Anderson has been helping in the math department.

“We recently got new computer programs and he already knows how to use it, so he has been helping us with that. I recently planned a chapter with him for geometry and he pulled his own weight,” Armstrong said.

She said, “He’s a breath of fresh air. He’s really good about asking for help when he needs it. We do a lot of things in the math department where if you don’t get it and you don’t ask for help, you’ll be lost. He has great ideas and is very entertaining.”