The Secret Life of the Teenage Blogger


Jordan Comer scrolls through her Tumblr Dashboard on Sep. 11. Photo by HARMONY REILLY

Jordan Comer is just like any other teenager. She goes to school, has good grades, and sits in the same spot to eat lunch every day. However, things are quite different outside of school.

 “After school, I go home, change out of my bathing suit if I had swim that day, let my puppy out to go to the bathroom, then I eat toast, and check up on my Tumblr, which has 15,000 followers,” Comer said.

Well, maybe she’s not exactly like every other teenager.

“I made a Tumblr about two years ago, because one of my friends told me about it. For the first few months I didn’t understand anything, but after about a year I got more into it,” she said.

For Jordan, setting up a Tumblr isn’t that difficult, and it only takes a few minutes to customize.

“I just picked out a theme that wasn’t too busy and posted things. I guess people liked what I posted and followed me. I’m nice to my followers, if they ask me for help with something I just do it,” Comer said.

She explains that having a successful Tumblr isn’t as hard as it looks.

“[My Tumblr] has pictures of hipster stuff — mainstream things that gets tons of notes. A black and white photo of a girl looking at the sun or a pictures of nature,” she said.

She also says there’s a difference between what can attract followers and what can drive them away.

“Being rude to your followers is a huge no. Same with being stuck up or constantly doing promos. I just sit there and reblog and answer the questions in my inbox,” Comer said.

Being “Tumblr famous” doesn’t just mean Jordan is recognized on Tumblr, it’s actually begun to transfer into her personal life.

“One time, this girl was in a store with me and she looks at me and asks if I’m ‘that Jordan girl from Tumblr’. I wanted to hide, because I’m not used to people recognizing me from my blog. But I did talk to her for a bit. She asked for a picture with me and asked me to follow her back,” she said.

Jordan does have a few words of advice for new Tumblr users, though.

She said, “Whatever you do, don’t be that one person who re-uploads everything without giving credit. No one likes those people.”