Fast food withdrawal leads to desperation




Stomach aches, and my heart churns, I do not know how much longer I can survive this alone… I staggered to my feet, as I drag myself across the cold tile. My nose picked up the heavenly aroma, and I start losing consciousness of my own thoughts. My actions are not my own anymore, and my mouth begins to drool.


For a week, I went without fast food. The hardcore challenge, really made me wonder if I could even last a week without a source of heavenly fatty foods. From In-N-Out milkshakes to a large greasy Round Table pepperoni pizza, I was sure I would not last a day!

Only day one into the difficult challenge, I asked for pizza for dinner, as if it was a sudden need. My heart died a little inside, as I gulped and remembered what I had signed my soul to. Sighing, I had to speak up and say “never mind,” which never happens to me because I cannot say no to pizza! I settled for a homemade dinner instead, even though I lusted the delicious cheesy bread.

Day two rolled around and I gave up, still knowing that I would have no chance of getting a McDonald’s burger, with a thick Oreo McFlurry. Just the sound of it made me melt.

Day three, I decided since I was already on a “no fast food” diet, I might as well start to eat a little bit healthier. Drinking more water, and making nutritious dinners that included a salad would hold me over just a little bit better than other dinners.

I clutch my stomach in agony as I thought about the Doritos Locos Tacos from Taco Bell, the cheesy shell and the hot beef that melted the cheese, and the lettuce on top making it the perfect edition. The sweet yet slightly sour Pink Lemonade Freeze made me cringe because of how cold it is, and the more sips there are the more of a brain-freeze I begin to develop.

Then I did the math. How many calories is it for four slices of a pepperoni Round Table pizza? What about a Quarter Pounder with an original Oreo McFlurry from McDonald’s? What about three Doritos Locos Tacos?

The three Doritos Locos Tacos with a frozen Pink Lemonade beverage is a whopping 730 calories, the McDonald’s Quarter Pounder and Oreo McFlurry is 860 calories all together, and four slices of pepperoni pizza from Round Table is 1,080 calories!

Day four and I still felt incomplete. I beg and plead for the week to be over, to not have to go through any more heart wrenching stomach pains as we pass by Starbucks. I mope with envy when I get to school as I see other girls with hot coffees from Starbucks. I dragged my feet to my math class and yawned too many times to count.

Day five and I am looking forward when this torture is finally over. I am too close to the edge of walking to Carl’s Jr. from my house and getting a yummy Bacon Swiss Crispy Chicken Sandwich. I still refused to give up, because I gave my word.

Day six and I was frozen in place, I am in my car with the window down. The almost fresh breeze made me relax as I thought to myself, “I can do this. It’ll be okay. After this is over I will eat as much junk food as I can!”  Well, I spoke too soon as I smelled the most mouth-watering scent, KFC. I died a little inside that day, and kept telling myself that soon this curse of a week would be over, and soon I would lay happily on my couch munching on Kentucky fried chicken.

Day seven FINALLY rolled around, and I patted myself on the back as I continued on this horrible journey, only a few more hours of more torture until I would finally relapse back into my weekly McDonald’s trip. I continually struggled still throughout the day, seeing people with Starbucks coffees and Subway wraps, I kept my head down and moved along though.

Later that day I finally got what I had been dreaming for; the perfect Quarter Pounder with medium fries at McDonald’s. The second I got home I set up the fancy dinner and scarfed it down until the last crumb of a fry. I was not proud of how quickly I went back to my fast food, but it still tasted really good.


After this difficult experiment, I was shocked at how horribly addicted I am to the greasy and fatty foods. I thought it would be easy for me, but I guess my conscience was thinking differently.