Fish are friends, not food

Fish are friends, not food


It’s not just seafood–many “adult” foods intimidate me. You could say I’m picky when it comes to eating. At 14 years of age, I still to this day order off the kids menu everywhere I eat.

In particular, the idea of animals being used for food has never settled well with me. I’m not really a vegetarian, I will eat chicken or turkey occasionally, but that’s where the line is drawn for me. I’d take a grilled cheese on wheat over baby back ribs any day.


This weekend, I was determined to try seafood for the first time, so my family and I went to Joe’s Crab Shack in Sacramento. Surrounding my plate of mac and cheese and french fries was a table full of crab legs, mussels, and kalamari. I ate my whole meal, aware that I would eventually have to finish it off with at least one bite of an unpleasant smelling dish.

Preparing myself, I pulled out the camera to capture the moment, but then began to freak out. I told my family that I could just write a fake story on trying fish, but they didn’t buy it.

I finally gave in to the pressure of my parents, and not to mention waitresses, and was fed a tiny buttery sliver of crab meat. I held it in my mouth for 15 seconds, hearing the words “swallow it!” from all around the table. I eventually reached for a napkin and spit out the salivated sea creature in disgust. I couldn’t do it.

I can’t even describe the way it tasted because one, it was such a small piece, and two, throughout the time it was in my mouth I refused to engage my taste buds. I was not only scared of the physical piece of food in my mouth, but I couldn’t handle the idea of swallowing what was an innocent animal the day before. If someone had told me it was chicken, which it could have easily been mistaken for, I’m sure I would’ve gobbled it up without a problem. But the mental aspect of knowing what was sitting on my tongue led me to not giving it a chance.


Yes, I failed my tried and true project, but I am not ashamed. I will never be a fan of eating animals, especially sea animals–fish are friends not food!