‘The Lord of the Rings’ fails to impress


Photo from “the Lord of the Rings” official website, used with permission under fair use.


Trying to find something new to try can be really hard when you feel like you’ve tried everything. I first thought of trying to go without talking for a day but that quickly changed after I realized that I couldn’t last more than two hours without having to talk so I went to my next favorite thing, watching movies. I’ve always been a movie lover and if you asked me about a movie I could probably tell you everything about it but “The Lord of the Rings” happens to be an exception. Some people, like my dad, consider this movie a classic but honestly I was a little sceptical. The only thing I had ever watched that had to do with “The Lord of the Rings” series was the sequel “The Hobbit” ,which came out last December, and it didn’t leave me too impressed, in fact I fell asleep watching it.


Walking into one of the last standing Blockbusters, I was greeted by hundreds of movies I had rather of been renting and felt as if they were calling out to me but I eventually made my way over to the section “The Lord of the Rings” was located. picking up the movie case the cover actually made me feel less apprehensive about watching the movie. It made me wonder about the significance of the characters on the front and why they all looked so grim and serious.

Finally after what feels like forever I settle down and put in the movie. In all honesty there’s not much I have to say about it. Aside from the far and few in between moments throughout the movie, which seemed to drag on for far too long, I got extremely bored and started to lose my patience. It came to the point that I had to pause the movie so I could give myself a break. The movie ran for 178 minutes and for those who don’t know that is two minutes away from being three hours long which seems pretty ridiculous. Although I must say that a few of the characters do hold your attention, such as the wizard Gandalf and the hobbit friends Pippin and Merry, throughout “The Lord of the Rings”, thats is all.


“The Lord of the Rings” series is something I do not intend on finishing anytime soon or at all for that matter.