My day as a dude


Kayla Sowers poses with Savannah Houdek who is dressed as a boy. Photo by Sarah Martinez.


I shrugged on the pants I was loaned surprised at how tight they were on my hips. Wiggling around I tried to shove my tie-dyed boxers into my pants so they didn’t billow. Now the hard part. I yanked and pulled. Pulling up the boxers and yanking down my pants. After minutes of grunting and shimmying I got the perfect “sagged” look. I threw on my Zoo York shirt and a Macklemore Tour sweatshirt, making sure my boxers were still showing. I wrapped my hair into a ball and shoved it in my navy ROTC beanie. Wearing no makeup I sauntered out the door with my white high top chucks.


“Sam” was ready. I guess I chose to be a guy because I wanted the reactions of people. I arrived on campus and right away got checked out by girls who did a double-take when they realized I had feminine facial features. Some students were asking my friends, if I was transgender or bi-sexual. Its quite amusing what can be spread in one day. My teachers surprisingly played along with it, calling me by my male name. They even called me by my fake name in roll call. At lunch, friends of mine were taking photos with me, wanting a photo with thee “Sam”.


Walking on our campus as a male was absolutely exhilarating.