‘Insidious Chapter 2’ succeeds in terrifying


Theaters hold suspense and terror for viewers. Photo by MIRANDA WOOLLEY


Smiling expressions change into horrific looks of panic and terror. You clench your seat and crawl into a ball, digging your face into your knees. Occasionally peeking at the screen, all while your heart is pounding. Yes, I’m talking about scary movies and horror flicks. Most of the population on earth has seen at least one. Not me, yeah I know what you’re thinking, “How do you live”? Well I’m alive right now, but yes I’ve never seen a scary movie. They do appeal to me however, the trailers excite me and I really want to see one, but the answer is always no.

You see my family isn’t much of a “scary” family. My mom had a bad experience walking through a haunted house, which included punching my aunt in the face by reflex. My dad can watch them but he doesn’t have much interest. And my brother? He may claim to be tough and want to see one, but the moment you go to watch one he flips out. I’m the only one in my family that has an interest in them.

My friends always talk about seeing one but again the answer is always no. So that’s why I decided to do this challenge, going to a movie theater and seeing a scary movie for the first time. “Insidious Chapter 2” is the movie I have chosen to see, (also the only one that is out in theaters). So the challenge is mine, and I’m dying to see it.



October 12, 2013 was the day I decided to go see it. The plan was for me to go see it by myself because my brother was definitely not going to see it with me. I was fine with me seeing it by myself hence a couple of people at school told me it wasn’t scary at all, which I believed them. Before we left to go see it, my mom told me it would be better if I brought a friend. So I called one of my friends who was talking about seeing it, Leilani Howell, and she said she would come. When her mom dropped her off at my house we had 10 minutes until we would leave.

We grabbed our bags and I grabbed my camera. We both decided to bring a blanket because it was always freezing in the theater. We finally left and reached the Blue Oaks movie theater. I walked inside not that nervous. We bought the movie tickets, bought candy, soda and popcorn and hurriedly ran to theater 12 since the movie started at 5 and it was now 4:59. When we walked in there was about 25 people, mostly little kids scaring each other in the very back. If they could watch it, so could I, Right?

We sat in the row before the very back row. Of course there was no one on either side of us and that made us a little nervous. “I hate scary movies” Leilani told me as soon as the theater went dim and quiet. I have to admit I almost had a heart attack when bold red bloody looking letters read “Insidious” as creepy booming music went on. Me and Leilani were cuddled up next to each other embedded in the warm blanket as we both covered our eyes and ears as the movie went on. Through out the movie the creepy booming music played as scary faces popped out of the middle of nowhere.

The faces were always yelling at the poor innocent people in the movie. I nearly peed myself when that happened and I was shivering the whole entire time. Of course Leilani had to pee so she got up and left me even though I was begging her to wait until the end of the movie, of course when she left that’s when the scariest part of the movie happened. But before we both knew it the end of the movie came, and I bolted out of the theater not wanting to be the last one in there. Leilani started laughing at me but I didn’t care, I just wanted to be able to see the light again.



I admit that I didn’t really watch the movie, I just sat there curled up in a ball under my blanket occasionally peeking and asking Leilani play by play by play of the entire movie. I so badly wanted to get up in leave but I ended up pulling through and stayed in the theater. Me and Leilani both agreed that we never really ever wanted to see a scary movie again, I’m glad I did this but I’m definitely not a fan of scary movies.