Is The New iOS7 Update Turning The iPhone Into An Android?


Updated iPhone is compared to standard Android; obvious similarities are shown. Photo By KOLETTE KING

September 28; a day that will go down in Apple history, a national holiday for Apple product owners, the birth date of the iOS7 update. The new iPhone update was the top trending topic of that Wednesday and brought a completely new and different look to the face of the iPhone.

You could even go as far as to say this was a phone revolution. Practically every iPhone user was updating their phone; from your friends to your teachers to even celebrities.

 After waiting for an hour and fifteen minutes and 10 deleting apps, Jazmyne Jones was finally able to update her iPhone on the release date and experience for herself what everybody had been obsessing over all day.

“It was so weird because it was like everybody you talked to do was doing it and at the same time too. And the look was just so cool, no other way to describe it.” Jones said.

It did not take much for the world to began to notice how similar the iOS7 update made the iPhone look compared to an Android. However, it is not just the look that is congruent, there a specific attributes to testify “the iPhone is turning into an Android.”

The iOS7 update now allows users to access notifications while in the lock screen mode, a feature Androids have had several updates prior. Like the Android, the iPhone is now able to do the “multitasking style”, which is when several screens or pages can be approached simultaneously.c Another Android resemblance that the iPhone now has is the music app that mirrors Pandora.  It has been known to Android users for sometime as Google Music and now to iPhone holders as iTunes Radio. These are only a few of the many synonymies between the Android and the iPhone iOS 7 update.

“Even though I really do like the new look, it is just like an Android. I don’t even feel like I still have an iPhone, it’s like having an Android again.” Alanna Scott said.

Whether you are #TeamAndroid or #TeamIPhone, the obvious correlations are there.