Incoming freshmen get a taste of high school at Showcase Night


Dance team performs at freshman Showcase Night. Photo by KOLETTE KING

At exactly 5:30 on March 10, there was already more than 100 people waiting to enter the gym and begin the annual  Showcase Night. The small and large gyms became filled by the Class of 2018 and their parents awaiting the night’s activities. The annual event is just the beginning of the transition from middle school to high school; when the eighth graders from Spring View, Granite Oaks, Twelve Bridges and several other middle schools all come together for the first time. They are able to be in the presence of their peers and the staff members who they will spend the next four years among.

“It was cool being to see some new faces aside from the people I see at school everyday,” incoming freshman Taylor Squier said.

The small gym held the actual showcase of the night. Academic and elective teachers set up booths and posters to advertise their classes to the upcoming freshmen. This is a chance for the eighth graders to view some of their class options for next year, see what some of the classes are about and meet some teachers.

Following the showcase in the small gym, groups performed in the main gym. The performances began with a skit from theater students, followed by the Dance III class, drill team, the cheer competition team, the percussion ensemble, the dance team and ending with the cheer squad. The whole presentation was set up like a rally led by the voices of Whitney, Jasmine Beck and Andre Scott. The upcoming freshmen even got to take a chance to participate in rally games such as the ones played in the typical rallies. After the games, our principal introduced herself, the assistant principals and the counselors. Principal Debra Hawkins then addressed some of the rumors or myths about Whitney, such as whether students have an open campus or can use our phones during school hours. She presented these rumors in funny and sarcastic way that had both students and parents laughing.

“This assembly was really fun; it really got me pumped for high school!” incoming freshman Kodell King said.

This gave the Class of 2018 a chance to get a gist of the school they will attend in the very near future.  Dance teacher Mrs. Halley Crandell believed the night was full of success.

“We had great feedback from the parents and staff!” Crandell said.