Fifth annual 4WRD Show is extremely impressive, successful


Dance 4 students perform jazz routine “Don Juan,” during the show. Photo by Olivia Grahl

The Quarry Bowl, Quarry Classic, and Quarry Cup present one all-too-familiar theme: the rivalry between Whitney and Rocklin High School. Last week, a certain group of people worked to crush this rivalry.

These people are the level four dancers of both high schools. Every year, the dance programs come together to put on a fan-favorite show called 4WRD. The show displays collaboration among the two schools, rather than the usual idea of being enemies. Together, they put on an amazing show, but Whitney Dance outshined Rocklin in this fifth annual dance show.

The show opened with a “Miserlou,” a clean, but not spectacular, jazz routine by seven Rocklin dancers.

Next up, the excitement of the show kicked in, when Whitney’s dance team dazzled the stage with their Miss America-themed dance. The girls did an excellent job of portraying a real beauty pageant, with Carly Windham being crowned at the end.

Rocklin performed their best routine of the first half with “Breaking Dishes,” a high-energy, fun-to-watch dance.

A few routines later, Whitney shocked the crowd with “Freak Show.” The dancers, dressed as zombies, crawled around the stage and then proceeded to execute a killer hip-hop routine.

The highlight of the first half of the show came in the tap routine “NYC,” choreographed by Tearyn Cox and Sydney Schreiner. Five girls dressed up as businesswomen and danced in between two elevator props to create a highly-entertaining New York scene.

Whitney’s next routine was “Life Support,” a beautiful lyrical dance with a creative use of props, which was also student-choreographed.

“Gold Digger” was another highly-entertaining performance by the Whitney dance team. Wearing pants and headbands with money printed on them, the girls delivered a fierce hip hop dance, ending with fake money thrown to the audience.

The last routine before intermission was the Senior Dance, choreographed by Rocklin’s Mrs. Abby Huber, showcasing the dancers of the Class of 2015.

After the break, Rocklin began to look like their usual talented selves with a moving lyrical dance called “Not About Angels.” The message of the dance was that people need to value everyone in their life because there is no telling how much time they have left with them.

Rocklin struck again with an exciting dance battle between four dancers, two tap and two hip-hop.

“The Good & The Bad” was a unique routine by Whitney, with each dancer tying either a white or black ribbon over their eyes to deliver a yin and yang-type theme. The music ended with a voiceover saying to make your choice between good or bad.

Whitney’s next two routines were both extremely visually appealing, with the use of a black light to highlight the dancers’ neon costumes in “Safe and Sound,” and lanterns held by each dancer in the amazing “Dead In The Water.”

Rocklin’s final routine, “Old Skool,” was arguably their best of the show. The girls put on quite the performance, dancing to a medley of songs from the 80’s and 90’s, including “U Can’t Touch This” and the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air” theme song.

The final performance of the night was the 3D Dancer Routine, a special dance choreographed by the head coach of the Sacramento State dance team. Thirty-seven girls from both schools were chosen to participate in the “District Distinguished Dancers” routine due to their versatility and determination as a dancer. This routine was a strong finish to the show.

Overall, dazzling choreography, eye-popping use of lights and props, and entertaining MC’s contributed to a spectacular 4WRD show.