George Ezra is a hidden treasure chest


Photo used with permission under fair use.

As I was writing this, I had “Budapest” and “Blame It On Me” on repeat. Everytime George Ezra hit his intended notes, I had inspiration to write another line. So, as this piece was created with George Ezra playing, I encourage you to read this piece with George Ezra playing. Pop open another tab, head to Youtube (or if you’re a quick reader catch a 1:30 clip on iTunes,) and read along as you sing along.

George Ezra is a hidden treasure chest. With his single “Budapest” climbing the charts, this English folk/blues singer-songwriter is “giving me one reason why I should never” change the station.

Ezra released his first EP, “Do You Hear The Rain?” in October 2013. This EP included the song that catapulted Ezra into the spotlight: “Budapest.”

“Budapest” reached Top 10 lists in numerous countries, coming in at number one in Austria, New Zealand, and the Czech Republic. “Budapest” soon made its way onto American indie-rock air waves in 2014. Much like Vance Joy’s “Riptide,” the single has a catchy chorus and a sing-along feel. The lyrics describe a love for whom he’d give everything.

Ezra released his debut album, “Wanted on Voyage,” in June of 2014. The album reached number one in the UK and Scotland. However, it was not scheduled for release in the United States until January 2015. “Wanted on Voyage” is a compilation of both of Ezra’s previously released EPs, along with a few new singles. The newer songs have a more mass-market beat to them, meaning they are more Top 40 than the songs first released on the EPs.

“Budapest” became more popular in the United States with its re-release on the album. The folk/blues genre attracted fans of similar artists such as Hozier and Vance Joy.

Another song that was released on the album, “Blame It On Me,” sounds as though it could have been recorded by Jake Bugg, another British songwriter in the folk genre.

Despite the iTunes categorization of folk/blues, the album has an overall upbeat/pop feel to it. The blues category could come from Ezra’s deep voice, but the fast-paced beats counteract his soulful voice in way that makes you think you’re listening to Mumford and Sons, not Muddy Waters.

Ezra will be visiting Sacramento for an all-ages concert on April 12 at Ace of Spades. Tickets are available here. Don’t miss this chance to see this hidden treasure.