Bailey Adkins wraps up senior year with theatre by her side


Adkins performs in her last school musical, ‘All Shook Up.”

Everyday she’s a different person. Whether it’s a young mechanic or an aspiring waiter, Bailey Adkins loves the process of becoming a new character.

“When I was in the seventh grade I took my first acting class at school and I loved the challenge so I’ve done it ever since,” Adkins said.

Being in the theatre community for five years, Adkins has attended various theatre festivals, endured countless rehearsals, worn a handful of costumes and wigs and survived hours of script memorizing.

“When I first started theatre, it was to be the best. But then I realized that’s not what it’s about. Being a theatre kid means celebrating weirdness, wanting the best for everyone, beginner or experienced, and most importantly to discover yourself. My overall goal is to continue to help others find themselves like I did. Theatre is a home and I want everyone to experience the love and support that I have with my theatre family,” Adkins said

Having been through several theatre teachers and being in theatre for a large part of her life, being a mentor to someone was important to her.

“Cameron Akkerman, he’s honestly like my little brother and he totally gives me a run for my money. He’s got such a presence on stage, I love it. I was his TA and as soon as we met I thought to myself, ‘this kid has talent, and I’m going to push him,’ and ever since then we joke about how he’s my little protégé,” Adkins said.

Ever since they met, Adkins and Akkerman have become close friends both on and off stage.

“She has had a role model spot in my life for as long as I’ve known her. Through theatre she taught me a lot and helped me improve in the acting field. I think more importantly though, was since the latest musical ‘All Shook Up’ her and I have become closer than we were previously, she is probably one of my closest friends. With that she has such a genuinely kind and caring attitude towards me that it makes me feel super comfortable and that has allowed me to start to open up a lot more. I don’t really like people’s company all that much but with her, I always find it easy to talk and even confide my emotions in her and that is a really great feeling that I never really had before. She’s a great person and I’m blessed to have her as a friend,” Akkerman said.

Adkins’ high school theatre career is coming to an end as she just finished her last play for her senior year.

“During ‘All Shook Up’ I got my first standing ovation and I’m not going to lie, I totally cried on stage because it was my last show at Whitney,” Adkins said.

Despite not being in high school in a few months, Adkins will continue to pursue her love for theatre.

“I’m planning on shadowing the assistant director, Madison Bails, for the next two years because she’s amazing at what she does. So I’ll be here to help her with the shows. Then after that I plan on going to The American Musical and Dramatic Academy or Cornish College of Arts,” Adkins said.

Adkins has spent a majority of her teen life devoting her time to the stage, and though her high school stage time has come to an end, her acting career has just begun.