Kourtney Nham for ASB Secretary

Name: Kourtney Nham

Grade: Sophomore

Position running for: Secretary

Years in Leadership: 2 years

What will you change or do differently? My vision for the school is for it to be more of a family, and I want everyone to feel like they have a place where they belong. I feel like there are a lot of clubs or sports that don’t get as much attention as bigger sports like football and basketball. I want to make sure everyone feels supported and feels like they’re a part of family here at Whitney.

Why should people vote for you? I’ve been in ASB for two years and Leadership and Whitney is something I’m really passionate about, I really care for the students here and I want to make sure everyone can have the best experience here that they can.

What’s your favorite flavor of ice cream? Mint.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be? If I could have any superpower, it would be to be able to read minds, because then you wouldn’t have to worry about what others were thinking, you’d just already know.