Nathan Stroud for ASB Treasurer

Name: Nathan Stroud

Grade: Junior

Position running for: Treasurer

Years in Leadership: None

What will you change or do differently? I’ve heard there’s been problems about the budget, in terms of going over the budget in leadership. I’ve heard they’re gonna try and do the same thing and increase communication between the committees. I agree with the increase of communication between the committees but I wanna do something different. Instead of determining the amount each committee gets at the beginning of the year, I want to determine the amount at the moment or when they need it, so they’ll be more flexibility.

Why should people vote for you? Organization and hardworking. I schedule every single thing I do; I have a lot of AP class and a lot of broadcasting stuff, so I have to be organized. ASB Treasure is budgeting so you have to schedule, plan, make sure everything’s running smoothly and that’s what I already do.

What’s your favorite hobby? Is thinking a hobby? Probably philosophy.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be? Time travel.