Chris Hermansky for Voice of Whitney

Name: Chris Hermansky

Grade: Junior

Position running for: Voice of Whitney

Years in Leadership: 1 year

What will you change or do differently? There is nothing that I want to change necessarily, but bring more positive energy and unify the school more. I want to make the students more welcome and excited to be at Whitney.

Why should people vote for you? Students should vote for me because I am Chris Hermansky and I bring an energy and obnoxiousness that I think the Voice should have.

Who’s your celebrity crush? Lily Collins.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be? If I could have any superpower I would want to be able to fly because people would see me and say ‘Woah, Chris is so cool, he can fly!’. I would also be able to take pretty girls on dates and just fly them to nice restaurants.