Schedule pickup days allow students to receive tentative schedules


On Aug. 12, sophomores pick up their schedule from the counselors. Photo by Olivia Grahl

With stations beginning at the black gates by the attendance window and moving to designated spots on campus, student registration and schedule pickup began Aug. 10 with seniors. This allowed students to drop off paperwork, pay any fines, take their student ID photo and receive their class schedule.

Juniors followed, picking up their schedules Aug. 11, and sophomores the next day, each day from 8-12 in the cafeteria.

“I expected a little more chaos, a lot more moms and people. It only took me 20 minutes to get through. They had everything pretty organized with the steps and the stamps and everything. It’s pretty put together and you know what to do. There were people around to direct you,” Gretchen Fischer said.

Some seniors chose to derive from the classic smiling ID card photo, since their photos are not used as their yearbook portrait.

“I took a funny picture. I made the silliest face I could make. I wanted to make it a lasting experience,” Mark Clark said.

Freshmen will receive their schedules as part of the orientation process on Aug. 14. According to counselors, the schedules students received during this are tentative.

“The real schedules are given out on the first day of school. These ones are just the classes; the order might change, there’s no teacher set yet, no period set,” counselor Mrs. Emily Greene said.

The main reason behind this process is that the class/student ratio is still being balanced.

“The problem is that now there might be 40 kids in a world history class and 20 in another. We don’t want you guys to get disappointed by thinking you had a class with this person, and then it gets changed on the first day. So we found that by not listing that, it helps,” head counselor Mrs. Kelly Chambers said.

When students report to homerooms at 7:40 Aug. 18, they’ll receive a new printed schedule, which will include the class periods and teachers for them to follow.