Throwing a Halloween party: a step-by-step DIY


Halloween decorations line the shelves of a JoAnn’s store. Photo by Kacie Nicholson

As fall rushes in with soft, chilly breezes the smell of crushed dead leaves is carried with it. The haunting feel of Halloween being right around the corner isn’t just something to ignore. Candy, funky costumes and decorated houses begin to emerge this time of the year, bringing that special joy with it.

Throwing a party for Halloween can be fun and exciting. The fun decor, the creepy looking food, the spooky games and good laughs all make for a creative and fun time.

Here is a step-by-step DIY Halloween party planning guide:

1 – FOOD: Fun and creative, there are many ideas for funky and fun foods to really rile up your guests and get them into the Halloween spirit. Find out who your guests are and what they like. Does your friend HATE spaghetti? Either find an alternative, or make a few different dinners. Think up a few creepy-cute ideas for food. Witch Fingers, mummies, eyeballs, worms, and so much more is sure to make your guests shiver and grin as they feast upon the eyes of a zombie or the wings of a bat. Find more ideas and inspiration for food on our  Pinterest Board

2 – DECOR: With so much going on during Halloween, ambiance and decorating is what really makes a party stick in the minds of your guests. With so many different ways and angles to take with decorating, it can be hard to choose one. Try choosing one that is really your style and a theme you’d think you have fun with. A purple and black themed elegant Halloween party, or an almost haunted house-looking party with spiders, cobwebs, floating candles and scary ghosts; any of these can be cheap, fun and make your party memorable. Try checking out our  Pinterest board for Halloween decor.

3 – ENTERTAINMENT: One of the things you don’t want at a party is your guests sitting around, not having anything to do but stare at a wall. That’s why entertainment is something sure to get your guests riled up and in the Halloween spirit. Games, movies and scavenger hunts will be sure to entertain your guests for the night and ensure a fun evening. Take a peek at our Pinterest board for Halloween entertainment.

4 – EXTRA: It’s the little details that boggle the minds of guests at a party. To get people to come, make sure you give invitations at the beginning of the month to ensure that no previous plans will be made. Reel in your guests with exciting and creative invitations, and be sure to invite your best friends first, and tell them to bring more company. As they say, the more the merrier! Look over our Pinterest board for invitations to print out or make yourself.