Multitude of fitness options lead to serious headaches


Different fitness options. Illustration by Daniel Sharrah

With so many options, getting a workout in is the most complicated thing in anyone’s day. Trying to decide between Crossfit, different types of DVDs or just working out alone is too much for some people and they do not work out at all. Not to mention that all of these choices are very expensive and do not work.

To me there are many bad options of workouts, but Crossfit is by far the worst. To start, people go to the facility where they workout, most of the time this is an abandoned warehouse or storage facility, with all types of equipment and weights.  Most of the exercises that are done are ones that people have never heard of or never tried before that day. On the official Crossfit website, it says to succeed you need to have mastered ten general physical skills: cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, agility, balance, coordination and accuracy. If they have already mastered all of these skills, why do they need to do Crossfit?

Along with the insane requirements, Crossfit is the laughing stock of the fitness world. Many people believe that Crossfit is terrible in actually becoming fit and have made videos humiliating it.

Exercise DVDs are the worst exercise option next to crossfit. These DVDs, usually made by celebrities who have fallen out of the spotlight, are ways to bring the workout to the comfort of your own home but fail miserably. The videos do not consider the laziness of the people who buy them when they put the exercises together. Most of them have a very challenging training regimen. People start to do the exercises for the first few minutes, but when it gets hard they start to decrease the amount of effort they put into it. Halfway through the video, most people are sitting on their couch and watching television instead of doing the exercises.

The fitness option that is available to most people is a normal gym. Before all the trendy fitness places started growing like wildfire, the people who wanted to work out went to a local gym and were excelling in their fitness. This option is the cheapest as most have membership fees in the $10 to $50 range for the basic necessities. Unlike the other workouts listed, the exercises people do at the gym are the ones they want to do and make them more excited to stay in shape. While going to the gym can have many positive aspects, there are a few bad ones too. For example, people hog the machines by either doing too many sets or play on their phones at the workout station. Also, there is always a rush hour. Be advised to never go at this time because there will be no machines or weights for you to use since everyone will be occupying them. Even with these flaws, going to a regular gym is the best and obvious choice.

The headache of deciding where to go workout is a hassle and must be stopped. Just make it simpler by going to a normal gym.