P.E. options lead to students enjoying their workout


Elmo Canlas shoots a basketball during team sports.

Along with dieting and eating right, exercise is part of the process to getting a fit and toned body. Whether people go to a gym or just walk around their neighborhood, the physical activity being exerted help shed those pesky last pounds.

Physical education classes try to incorporate physical activity into a student’s daily life.

Students can choose between Athletic Weight Training, Aerobic Fitness, Aerobic Walking, Aquatics, Lifetime Sports, PE-1, Dance one through four and Team Sports. With multiple choices, students can choose the course they are interested in and enjoy their workout.

“[Different classes] are cool because everyone’s got their own thing that they want to do and it’s good to have that option,” Matthew Carlson said.

Weight training is also helpful for student-athletes in order to train for their sports and build strength.

“My favorite [exercises] are snatch and clean-and-jerk, they really help with explosion and getting faster and absorbing impact,” Dagne Buck said.

Along with enjoying the PE class students take, exercising can improve many aspects of their lives. According to Mayoclinic.org, exercising can control weight, boosts mood, combats with health related disorders, boosts energy and promotes better sleep.

Along with exercising to improve physically, working out helps prepare people for everyday activities. According to acefitness.org, people who have a moderate to vigorous exercise schedule perform better at tasks and do not get off task as often like sleeping while working or spacing out during a task..

Khemtis Khertim said, “It prepares you mentally and physically for stuff like a test because it can help you focus.”