Lack of Battle of the Sexes competition diminishes fun of Sadie’s week


Student store is decorated to fit suspect profiling theme. Photo by Sierra Young

Sadie’s week, also known as Battle of the Sexes week, is by far my favorite spirit event at our school. Unfortunately, leadership has refrained from another Battle of the Sexes week primarily to include all students, including those who do not identify as either male or female.

After experiencing two exciting Sadie’s Battle of the Sexes weeks, I had high hopes for this year’s. However, with a lack of a strong rivalry, the entire week has died down. Barely anyone is dressing up for the dress-up days, and those who do aren’t going all-out like last year.

In my past Sadie’s weeks, there were tons of Twitter and Instagram posts of students with their friends in their dress-up day outfit, and the only ones I’ve seen this year are from students in leadership.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for including everyone, but why couldn’t there have been another option available for those who don’t feel included in the rally? And what’s next? Is the Sadie’s dance going to be cancelled to include everyone because the “girls ask guys” theme doesn’t apply to everyone?