Donald Trump appeals to people’s irrational side


Donald Trump Zeroes in on Disney Layoffs in Bashing Guest Worker Visas. Photo by Ted Johnson (CC BY-SA 4.0)

On the surface, Donald Trump’s popularity remains an absolute mystery to many. With no political background or suitable credibility, and a character worse than his atrocious haircut, it’s often hard to believe that he is the current front runner of the Republican Party. Yet with all of the well deserved backlash Trump faces on a daily basis, he receives an equal amount of loyalty and support.

Some people try to dismiss this as the ignorance and racism of many American people, and to a certain extent they’re right. Donald Trump’s policies often appeal to the racist, uneducated and prejudiced. However, this proportionally small group of people does not represent the majority of the American people, let alone the majority of Republican voters, and Donald Trump is still the leading republican candidate in the 2016 presidential race.

A fact few people know is that Donald Trump ran for president once before in 2000, but immediately dropped out due to a combination of his lack of political experience as well as public support. But in the year 2016, many American citizens desire someone exactly like him, someone who is neither an established politician, nor a member of Washington’s elite inner circle.

Donald Trump’s popularity is symbolic of our often corrupt and inefficient government, that many people rightfully believe stopped working in their best interests long ago and are finally frustrated with enough to collectively call for change.

Unfortunately, his popularity is also representative of the desperation, irrationality and haste of the American people in fundamentally changing the structure of our government.

Instead of backing a candidate who intends to implement rational methods of change and focus on the desires of the American people, as well as compromises between the two political parties on a federal level, people are instead focusing on the one who yells the loudest, and promises sweeping changes brought about by impossible to implement reforms, which is somewhat worrying, especially when it comes to selecting a national leader..

While the concerns of these American people are well founded, it is clear that the best president to address these national issues and fundamental problems within the American government is not Donald Trump, an excessively egotistical person with the political knowledge of a sixth grader, and the temperament of a 5-year-old.

Many intelligent people have been mislead into supporting Donald Trump, and with his dramatic promises of change and the rebuilding of America into a newer, more successful version of itself, it’s easy to see why.
However, the strong-willed are able to see through his thinly-veiled guise and realize that he will not actually make America great again, but worse than it has ever been before.