Star studded cast of ‘Morning Glory’ wows viewers

A scene from “Morning Glory”.

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The PG-13 movie “Morning Glory,” the newest film from director Roger Michell, provides a heartwarming and laugh-out-loud experience for to all ages for 92 minutes, male or female. Opening with termination of Becky Fuller’s (Rachel McAdams) job at a local TV news station, the plot and dialogue begin to unfold before the viewers’ eyes.

Desperate for employment, Becky is hired at a mockery of a morning talk show called DayBreak and is forced to make it the best she can. When new co-host Mike Pomeroy (Harrison Ford) enters the screen, you almost feel taken aback by his low, growling voice and hostile stance. It is safe to say that his acting really made the movie a full five out of five stars.

A blossoming love affair enters the picture with fellow producer Adam Bennett (Patrick Wilson). He is the only factor in the movie that truly makes it a “romantic comedy.” Not much else can be said about Adam, because his relationship with Becky isn’t as nearly as interesting as the main plot. Don’t get me wrong, I know the main plot should be more interesting because, well, it’s the plot. But without the romance, people could hardly call this a chick flick. Much less, a romantic comedy.

Although it lacked a romantic spark, the storyline carried on smoothly and was easy to relate to. Everyone has been through relationship problems or some kind of of issue that can invade your personal time, so that was a great aspect of the film.

From it’s amazing story to it’s star-studded cast, all these components made the film a very enjoyable watch. So watch out awards shows, “Morning Glory” should be racking up the trophies sometime in the near future.