Marching band is going to perform at opening of new I-65-ramp


After making a joke, Eric Smith and Keegan McLean laugh during practice on Sept. 1. Photo by Morgan Hawkins

In addition to normal fall performances, marching band members have an extra event on their schedule. Marching band was asked by the City of Rocklin to perform at the opening of the new ramp located on Whitney Ranch Parkway.

“We just found out last week on Tuesday that they wanted us to perform at the opening of the new on-ramp near Whitney. Diana Capra from the district office contacted me and asked if we would be able to do it,” band director Mr. Kris Harper said.

Once the students found out, they had questions about the performance.

“The students thought it was pretty cool. And their first question of course was, ‘Are we the only group?’ That made it even more special knowing that they were the only ones that were asked to play,” Harper said.

The marching band will be performing as a parade block, which they usually don’t perform.

“We are going to play the fight song and march in a parade block. Nothing really special. Luckily we know the fight song, so it’s not too nerve-racking. But we don’t do parade all the time so we will have to set up a block and we have to set up something special we don’t usually do,” Harper said.

Spectators from around the city will be there to watch and give speeches.

“They will have California Transit representatives there, the vice mayor and the mayor, and some government people. So it’s a crowd that we normally don’t play in front of. It’s pretty important,” Harper said.

Drum major, Danielle Blankenship, will lead the group during the ceremony.

“I’m not exactly nervous. I would say whatever happens happens and if we make a mistake we’ll be able to laugh about it by the end of the season at least. I’m kind of excited for it in a way; I think the band is pretty excited,” Blankenship said.

Since this event takes place in the morning, students will be missing school.

“We will be missing first block, and part of second block. Some of them are concerned to miss their AP classes,” Harper said.

The ceremony will include events from antique cars to providing breakfast.

“The ceremony starts at 9 a.m. They will have some introductions, and the band will parade by, and then they will do some dedications. They have some antique cars that are actually going to drive across the interchange. It will be kind of like a parade with some doughnuts and coffee out there for the dignitaries,” Harper said.

For some, this will be the first time they wear their uniform to perform in front of the community.

“I’m most excited to hear that we would be in uniform since I’ve never worn the uniform and played because this is my first year in marching band,” Carl Porras said.

This opportunity is giving the band program practice, as well as publicity.

“A lot of community stuff gets us publicity. We do Hot Chili and Cool Cars and a few other things. It definitely gets the word out and it gets more people excited about that,” Blankenship said.

Tune into Whitney High Student Media’s live coverage of the ceremony on Snapchat @whitneyupdate on Sept. 9 at 9 a.m.