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The student news site of Whitney High School in Rocklin, Calif.

Whitney Update

The student news site of Whitney High School in Rocklin, Calif.

Whitney Update

Guys go bald on purpose: The buzz cut is great

Using a hair clipper with a two to four guard will create a good buzz cut with short and uniform length. Photo illustration by Simon Aragoza

A buzz cut is hard to pull off — plain and simple. For many, it’s a style that’s associated with the military or punishment, yet it seems like those tides are changing. With summer right around the corner, many are following a trend perpetuated on TikTok. On the surface, the pre-summer ritual seems like a shallow trend, but buzz cuts have three main benefits, as its low maintenance, help deal with the heat, and revitalizes hair. With this in mind, getting a buzz cut is essential for the summer. 


A buzz cut uses clippers to cut someone’s hair down to the same short length all over their head. 


Due to being so simplistic, getting a buzzcut requires little to no maintenance, as there is literally nothing to maintain. The haircut is designed to be short which makes it unable to be textured or styled. 


When I got a buzz cut last summer, I did not have to do anything to my hair for around five months as it was relatively short. I didn’t even need to apply shampoo as the buzz cut reduces the amount of oil that can build up in hair through sweat or dirt. Furthermore, I did not have to apply conditioner as my hair did not need to be detangled or have a need to be smoothed out like longer hair.


As the buzz cut makes hair shorter than average, the effects of extensive exposure to the summer heat are lessened. Longer hair insulates the head and traps heat whereas the buzz cut allows for less heat to be trapped in. While the style, in general, makes a person more comfortable, it also greatly benefits athletes. 


For example, for an athlete in a fall sport, conditioning usually takes place in the summer during the afternoon,  one of the hottest times of a summer day. With the buzz cut, an athlete will feel more refreshed than normal due to the haircut’s cooling effects. 


I was extremely happy to have short hair during conditioning as my sport, cross country, has me running for long periods of time in places that have little shade, so having a buzz cut was a comfort to me as it was the only source that I had to cool off and continue running during hot summer days.


The most important benefit of this buzz cut is its positive hair benefits. Longer hair often leads to split ends where hair follicles split at the very ends. As mentioned several times before, the hairstyle is very short, which removes the ability for hair to be flat or damaged in any way, so as the buzz cut grows, new hair follicles will take the old hair’s place, replacing all the damage with fresh new hair that is not damaged at all. 


Last year, I had a long and flat middle part that took too long to get ready and still looked terrible. When my hair finally grew back from the buzz cut, it was thicker and much more manageable than my hair was before — completely reset.


This haircut is the most versatile haircut somebody could get. It is extremely low maintenance, keeps a person cool during warmer weather, and helps renew damaged hair. What more could somebody ask for?



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