Bonding over bean dip

Bonding over bean dip

The smell of beans and cheese fills the house when I walk in. I go straight to the table where it always sits. The saltiness of the chips feels crisp in my mouth with the combination of hot bean dip warms my whole body.

Mexican food is always the go-to when my family and our family friends are together. We are all very big into appetizers, so of course I have my special appetizer that I make: bean dip. If I go over to our friends’ house and don’t bring the bean dip they give me grief about it.

I have been taught from a young age that we love our extended family but we don’t like them and that there is a huge difference between loving and liking. Since I was in third grade we have always spent our time with our family friends. We call each other our chosen family. We always go on vacation together and no matter where we go it could be to Oregon, Tahoe or camping — wherever we end up, the bean dip is made and devoured.

Every time the bean dip is made with the simple ingredients of cheese, refried beans, sour cream, and taco seasoning, we all overindulge and can barely eat the actual dinner or we wait a couple of hours because no one is hungry. During those hours of snacking on the bean dip, we surround the table it sits on, and enjoy each other’s company and make many new memories and jokes.

To all of us, the bean dip means much more than filling the craving of something salty and hot. This is the time we get to create special memories and even more special bonds. Whenever I hear the words bean dip, I get to feel the warmth in my body that may no longer be there from the hot bean dip, but is still there from all the laughs and amazing times with my family.