Varsity player Emily Dixon talks about women’s golf team heading to Masters


Varsity players Emily Hodgson and Eva Lopes talk and prepare for tee off against Cosumnes Oaks. Photo by Ella Ho Ching.

Playing in Divisionals at Eagle Vines Golf Course in American Canyon, the women’s varsity golf team took Second Place, qualifying them for Masters. The team competes next at masters Oct. 31st in Stockton at Spanos Park. This is the team’s seventh Masters appearance in school history. Qualifier Emily Dixon goes into more detail about the event.

Q: How are playoff tournaments different than regular season?

A: “They’re different because they’re more competitive … there’s more competition, and we try our hardest to succeed. We all give 110 percent of our effort in order to get the best results.”

Q: How did you react when you won divisionals?

A: “We were all very excited and happy that we made it to the next level as a team. It was really rewarding moving on to the next round, it was a huge accomplishment for the team.”

Q: What are you doing in preparation for masters?

A: “We have had practice this week. We are practicing really hard and going to the areas we need help. We’d practice general hitting techniques while working on placement and other techniques in order to improve our performance.”

Q: What is your personal expectation?

A: “I hope to play well and advance to the next levels, which is NorCals.”

Q: How does a team qualify for masters? What is after Masters?

A: “It’s going to be hard to qualify; only one or two full teams go but anyone can qualify individually. We’re all going to Masters but I’m not sure about NorCals.”

Q: What do you believe has made the women’s golf program so successful?

A: “Team bonding. While golf is an individual sport, it’s a team sport as well and it helps a lot having your golf team as your best friends. We do team dinners and parties in order to create that relationship. We also play the play the course we’re going to play at for competition the day before to know what to expect when it comes to layout and hole distance.”