Eyeshine Concert

On Saturday, Jan. 8 at this year’s first Sac-Anime Winter Con held at the Raddison Hotel, many bands including aggressive edge rock outfit Eyeshine were showcased. The band was widely welcomed by avid Sac-Anime fans.

“I go to this con every year, but I was really excited when I saw the blog post that said Eyeshine would be performing.” Danielle Ross said.

Coming from southern California, Eyeshine debuted in 2006 with the How About That EP, showing a very rough and authentic, garage-rock sound. Since then, they have released three self-produced albums, gaining fans of the underground rock scene all around the globe.

“The microphones were really bad, and the sound quality was less than average, but I like Eyeshine and their songs are good normally,” Ross said.

The venue was the grand ball room of the Raddison, not much of a place for concerts. The Raddison does have an outdoor stage, but because of the extreme temperatures the concert was held indoors on Saturday night.

“Not that it ruined the show for me, but the feedback was lame so I left early,” Nicole Malvalse said.

Usually bad microphone quality is a result of poor planning or not enough dress rehearsal time. Fans were annoyed by the feedback, but seemed to enjoy the small show nonetheless. Considering they came from garage band roots, Eyeshine still had a very good show since the music was made to sound aggressive and authentic, which is perfect for a live and intimate show.

Overall, even though the sound quality was poor and the venue was small, Eyeshine put up with it all and put on a good show that many of their fans enjoyed, and they even gained new ones.