Sylvester Jung discusses his experience in “Addams Family” performance


Mr. Joshua Ansley watches Eric Showgren block a scene with the ensemble during the first month of rehearsals of “Addams Family”. Photo by Sarah Olberding

After moving from San Ramon, to Rocklin, Sylvester Jung enrolled here and got involved with choir. This winter he auditioned for his first musical, “Addams Family.” Now he is a part of a theater program very different from his last high school.


Q: What role are you playing in Adams Family?

A: I’m an ancestor, specifically a World War American soldier.


Q: What other plays have you been in?

A: This will be my first play I’ve been in. Although, I’ve helped with props for the play “Les Miserables”  at my last school, Dougherty Valley High School.


Q: How did you first get into theater?

A:I got into theater when a friend of mine introduced me. At the time, I loved “Les Miserables” so the thought of working in the theater program was appealing. This year, a girl in my choir class signed me up for an audition for the “Addams Family”.


Q: How did it feel when you were signed up?

A: I felt a bit nervous. I knew that there was an audition and I have a phobia of public speaking. I didn’t feel angry at her, I just went with it and started practicing for the audition. In fact, I’m grateful. I probably never would have done it if it wasn’t for her. Of course, she didn’t do it without me being there. In other words, she just did something I didn’t have the courage to do.


Q: What do you like most about theater in general?

A: My favorite part of theater is definitely the singing. I’ve lived in a musical family, raised primarily by my mother, who happened to be a choir teacher. Music has been my passion since my childhood, so I fit right at home during vocal practice on Fridays.


Q: How is Whitney’s theater different from other theater programs?

A: Whitney is different in the way they practice. Mr. Ansley moves ahead a lot faster and he has a bunch of motivation. He’s pretty flexible and adds emotions in every word. Whitney is also flexible and fun, which is reflected in the theatre production.


Q: Do you like the differences?

A: I really like the flexibility and the new aspects of Whitney High’s theater. Everyone works hard while having fun because we don’t want to ruin Mr. Ansley’s vision.


Q: What are you looking forward to the new production of “Addams Family”?

A: The thing I’m looking forward to the most would definitely be the song and dance, “When You’re an Addams.” It’s probably one of the most recognizable pieces.


Q: What is your favorite aspect of “Addams Family”?

A: My favorite aspect of the musical are the songs because of how they’re arranged in a minor chord.