New art teacher creates new path to run on


Before his seventh period Art I class, Mr. Chris Knorzer rushes to prepare after hurrying from Rocklin to Whitney. Photo by Emily Pontes.

Looking at the clock waiting for the final 2:40 bell to ring, Mr. Chris Knorzer prepares to race out of the C building and over to Rocklin High before 3 p.m. where the other school’s cross country practice will begin.

Knorzer teaches Art I in C-1 during seventh period. During the rest of the school day, he also teaches Adv. and regular ceramics & sculpture at Rocklin.

“I started [teaching] with Rocklin Unified 23 years ago. [Art I at Whitney] was offered as one of the classes I could teach and I love art so I decided it was a good deal,” Knorzer said.

His passion for art formed at a young age and has continued throughout his life, and although teaching was not his original plan, Knorzer quickly discovered that was what he wanted to do.

“I’ve always done art. I had private teachers and went to different places to see art even at elementary age and on through high school. All through college I did pretty much all the courses that were offered for art at Chico State, and all the sculpture and two-dimensional classes you could take like painting or drawing. After I [got my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree], I wanted to go on and get my masters. While I was waiting to do that, I decided to start subbing, and as I was subbing I thought ‘Oh this is kind of fun; I kind of like this instead,’ so I decided to go get my credential and start teaching,” Knorzer said.

Outside of the school day, Knorzer can be found out on a run or on the track.

“I run twice everyday and I also coach cross country and the distance squad of track at Rocklin High School which is pretty much a year round program,” Knorzer said.

While traveling between the two schools is usually not a problem, there is one part of the day that is particularly chaotic.

“The most stressful part is getting out of the parking lots because I have to get from [Whitney] to coaching at Rocklin at 3 p.m. Everything else is no big deal, but trying to get back over there on time is hard. I’ve had a few times where I was showing up to practice and pulling in and everyone was already there waiting for me,” Knorzer said.

Even though running between two schools can be hectic, Knorzer is excited to get to know the Whitney campus and follow his students artistic journeys.

Knorzer said, “My art class at Whitney is one of my favorite classes out of all of them. I really enjoy the students in class. I look forward to this year watching their artistic progress as it is such a personal experience to share aspects of yourself through the arts. Also getting to know the Whitney culture on campus and learning what makes Whitney so great. From my first days walking on campus, I’ve felt welcomed and have a great feeling about what a great place it is to go to school.”