New Language Arts Teacher Brings Her Love of Literature and Writing to Whitney


During fifth period LA III, Mrs. Denae Moore helps Ashley Williams on her assignment. Photo by Adam Purvis.

With a schedule involving caring for a 10 month old baby, playing on two soccer teams and horseback riding, the idea of a teaching job at an unfamiliar school could seem daunting. But not for Denae Moore. She’s living out her childhood dream.

As a young girl, Mrs. Denae Moore was one of those students who absolutely adored school. In the third grade, she knew that the classroom environment wasn’t something she wanted to leave behind at graduation.

“I think third grade was the first time I experienced that. We had a debate in class and I don’t remember exactly what it was over. I think it was about a math problem. Math is not my strong suit. I remember arguing until the very end, and I was wrong. Still, I like the aspect of hearing other ideas and other ways of solving things and figuring things out. It makes me a better learner as well as educator,” Moore said.

Ever since she was a little kid, Moore knew she was destined to be a teacher.

“My parents called me a nerd for it for the longest time […] when I realized I either wanted to be a teacher or a lawyer. My parents thought it was insane. I knew early on I wanted to teach. I liked the classroom and the classroom environment. I liked sharing experiences and collaborating,” Moore said.

Even though she is new to Whitney, this isn’t Moore’s first rodeo.

“I taught for three years at Marysville. I taught mostly freshmen; I had freshmen five periods a day for two years. During my last year there they gave me two classes of juniors, which was nice since they were my freshmen at one point. I got to see them again and see their improvements. I coached [girls] varsity soccer there for two years,” Moore said.

Moore’s favorite class to teach is LA III because of the topics covered in the reading material.

“LA III or junior English, because of the American lit aspect and the politics and the real world concepts that are finally brought into English,” Moore said.

Moore is a California native and attended several schools in and around the northern California area.

“I went to Sac State for just my teaching credential and I graduated in 2012. Before that I went to three prior schools for my undergrad. I went to UC Santa Cruz, Sierra College where I also played soccer, and Chico State,” Moore said.

Moore’s philosophy is to teach things that will be used in life after high school.

“I want to incorporate things that will use in real life into the classroom and share my love of literature and writing. Reading and writing is how you can express yourself as an American, and as a student in general. I just want to pass along those skills  so everyone can form a better outlook on the world,” Moore said.

Although Moore is adjusting to her new job at Whitney, she still makes time for her personal life outside of school.

“I recently just had my daughter in October. I do rodeo performing with my horse and we do the halftime show. I play on two soccer teams in an adult league. I am very outdoorsy person,” she said.

Moore wants everyone to know that she is free to talk to at anytime for help with anything.

“I may be quiet walking around on campus but I am very personable. Feel free to come in and talk to me and ask me any questions,” Moore said.