Preview of men’s varsity football Quarry Bowl


Madilyn Sindelar

During varsity football practice on July 31, Nick Eaton practices a tackling drill with a trash can. Photo by Madilyn Sindelar.

The men’s varsity football team is set to play Rocklin at 7:30 p.m. at the eighth annual Quarry Bowl Sept. 8. The match-up against the Thunder comes three weeks into the preseason and is the last game for the Wildcats before the regular season starts.

The Wildcats enter their third game of the season with a 1-1 record following a loss to Granite Bay last week and a win from their season opener against Davis.

The Thunder will make the trek across town to Wildcat Blvd with a 2-0 record. In the preseason the Thunder’s varsity football team has defeated Grant and Napa.

The Thunder will play to defend their trophy after the 18-17 win over the Wildcats last year.

“We’ve dissected everything Whitney does thanks to our coaches and have mentally and physically prepared ourselves. Another advantage we have is that we have our motivation, [which is] playoffs,” outside linebacker number 22, from the Thunder, Blayden Brown said.

However the Wildcats will be using X-Factor’s energy to aid them throughout the game.

“It’s really nice having a full student section in the stands, because it really motivates the entire team to show out and put on a show. Also, the idea of having your school behind you can swing the energy,” cornerback and number 22, Chad Campbell said.

However, comparing the two teams, each school has certain strengths and weaknesses. The Wildcats average a total of 354 receiving yards, while the Thunder posts 160 receiving yards. Whitney also leads in rushing yards per game with 163 to Rocklin’s 143. However, both teams have scored three rushing touchdowns. Rocklin also average 52.5 tackles as well as four interceptions.

The maroon and gold will be relying on quarterback Preston Eklund, who leads the team in passing yards, Jason Sanchez, leading with 119 rushing yards as well and Mark Clark, who is tied with Sanchez for most touchdowns for the Wildcats.

The blue and silver lean on key players Cade Wyatt, who has 415 passing yards, Brown who has 159 rushing yards and also leads in touchdowns.

The Quarry Bowl festivities began early Sept. 7 with the freshman football team beating the Thunder 15-14, coming back from a 14 point deficit.

The excitement will continue Friday at 7 a.m. with a morning tailgate in the senior parking lot, which will include music, doughnuts and face paint. Then, there will be a Quarry Bowl themed LTA. The JV football team is set to kick-off at 5:30 p.m. while at 5:45 p.m. another tailgate will take place in the amphitheater, where chants are being taught and pizza is going to be given out. Afterwards, X-Factor will walk down to the student section together at approximately 6:30 p.m.