Everyone should come to the Tropical Smoothie Cafe


photo by Karis Welch

Tropical Smoothie Cafe is a great place and it offers smoothies, gourmet wraps, specialty sandwiches and specialty salads. Their menu has bold flavorful smoothies and sandwiches with a healthy appeal, all made from the freshest ingredients because they say including real fruits and veggies will make it taste better. This cafe is located in 5130 Commons Dr  in Rocklin, it is by Studio movie grill. Tropical Smoothie Cafe is open everyday of the week from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. They have a friendly, fun and relaxing environment which allows you to study, do homework, or even hang out with friends which is why people return for the Tropical Smoothie Cafe experience.

The smoothies are all $5.49 one size and it depends on the sandwich or food item you get for the price. At the time, I got a chicken flatbread sandwich and a  Sunrise Sunset smoothie which tasted like I was at the beach or somewhere tropical and it was very healthy. I believe that their prices are very reasonable for the size of the smoothie and food item.

The decor of the Tropical Smoothie Cafe is very clean, and colorful with wood floors, bright orange stools, and pictures of tropical areas which makes it appealing to look at from the outside and the inside. You always have a good vibes when you are there and the workers treat you like family. During the week it is pretty busy because lots of students from Sierra College and other schools come there to do homework and relax. They have so much to choose from on their menu such as sandwiches, wraps, smoothies, etc which makes it hard to choose what you want. I recommend if you get the chance to go here it is worth it!