Family-based Mod serves more than just customized pizzas

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At Mod Pizza on May 6, Luke Gregory and Noah hold up stickers to represent their love for their job and the pizzas they make. Photo by Kiera Gunn

During the lunch rush, Courtney Hritz and Luke Gregory make custom made pizzas for their eager customers. Photo by Kiera Gunn.

In order to make a customer happy, Luke Gregory makes a pepperoni pizza to the customers liking and satisfaction. Photo by Adriana Williams

As a customer tells what she wants on the pizza, Courtney Hirtz makes it to their satisfaction. Photo by Adriana Williams

Working the lunch rush, Courtney Hritz, Luke Gregory, and Casey Boyd make pizzas and salads as the people they are helping are eagerly waiting for their food. Photo by Kiera Gunn

After the customer pays for their food Noah hands them their receipt and thanks them for coming in. Photo by Kiera Gunn

While pulling pizzas out of the hot oven and putting them in to-go boxes for their customers, Luke Gregory and Courtney Hritz yell “hot pizza” and “Brooke”. Photo by Adriana Williams

Looking at the name on the pizza, Courtney Hritz yells out “Brooke” for her to come and pick up her freshly made pizza. Photo by Adriana Williams

A group of happy and satisfied customers chat while enjoying their fresh hot pizzas made right there on the spot. Photo by Kiera Gunn

Mod pizza is known for being active in the community. Their special wall shares pictures of happy people eating great pizza. They also represent different schools they affiliate with. Photo by Kiera Gunn