Broadcast program visits KCRA 3 to gain experience


While visiting KCRA 3, broadcast students pose with cameraman Bob Wuchenich. They visited the Sacramento-based studio Aug. 7 from 5-8 p.m. to gain experience with how a professional news show operates. Photo by Mr. Ben Barnholdt.

Returning WCTV19 staff leaders learned firsthand from the pros during a visit Aug. 7 to KCRA 3.

“I chose to attend because each year [the WCTV19 staff] revamps the show and tries to make it the best it can be and totally different than years previous, so any oppurnutities to get ideas or tips on how to make the show better I will take,” Julie West said.

To prepare for the meeting with KCRA 3, WCTV19 staff met to talk about what would be taking place there, how to dress for the occasion, and what kind of questions were going to be asked to the anchors, producers and directors.

Because they had limited time at the studio, students wanted to ensure all their questions would be answered.

“For me, it was important to be prepared because we wanted to know exactly what it was we had to focus on to make our show and our program better. In addition to that, coming in prepared is a way of saying that we truly appreciate their time and we were not going to waste it,” Bethany Oh said.

In order to set up this meeting, students got in contact with Mr. Gulstan Dart; his daughter is a Whitney alumni and he is currently one of the anchors for KCRA 3.

Students toured the studio and watched a live production of their 6 p.m. show. While observing the live show, they were able to see how different jobs and positions operate, such as a director, cameraman, producer and character generator. After the show, anchors Edie Lambert and Dart answered all the students’ questions. They have already started to implement what they learned including how to make their script unique, how to dress, how to use hand motions and also how to be natural on air.

“I was inspired by how hard working they all are and how passionate they are to their show and making sure that they are always putting out their best product,” West said.

The WCTV19 staff will take what they have learned from this trip and apply it to how they run their show. Some differences students can expect to see are new graphics and audio techniques, as well as a different pace for the show as a whole.

by Adriana Williams, Dena Higgy, Dylan Devalk, EmC Cowles, Nathan Marquardt