Camma Musser describes her first year on dance team


Photo by Trinity Barker

Q: What motivated/inspired you to become a dancer?

A: My friend brought me to a “bring a friend” dance class with her, and I fell in love with it.   


Q: How do you work with your team?

A: We work as a team because we’re all big family that help each other throughout all of our ups and downs.


Q: How did you feel when you first started doing dance?

A: At first dance wasn’t a big part of my life because I was doing other sports, but when I started getting into it more I fell in love with it. It was a way to escape my feelings.


Q: Tell me about upcoming events and how you prepare for them?

A: Our upcoming event is Quarry Bowl. We’ve been really practicing as much as we can everyday.


Q: Tell me about your first year on the dance team?

A: My first year on dance team is kinda rough, but I really enjoyed it because I have all of my teammates as sisters and as my family to help through all my problems, and to just help me though dance team.


Q: How do you connect with your team?

A: We’re all super close with each other. We all call each other sisters and we’re all one big family. We spend so much time together, that if weren’t a family, it would just make everything

harder. Being sisters and being together has made everyone’s’ lives so much easier.


by Trinity Barker, Jerrick Bertiz, Kelli Dillman, Jillian Gwyne Lapinid and Nyden Reed