RTPA/RUSD ONGOING COVERAGE: RTPA votes on tentative 2017-18 agreement


AJ Cabrera

After school, Mr. Patrick Gale votes in the library with other union members.

Teachers gathered in the library after school yesterday for a vote regarding the tentative 2017-18 school year contract that was presented at last Tuesday’s negotiation meeting. Each member of the union had their first opportunity to vote yes or no to accept the agreement, and if accepted, teachers will receive retro pay for the previous school year.

“It is important for teachers to exercise their right to vote because their vote is their voice. It is a way for individual teachers to make their will known within the general membership of the teacher’s union. In this way, every single teacher has a say, whether they be a brand new teacher or a veteran of 30 years,” Ms. Carissa Kuehn said.

Each site within the district votes differently, so campuses will continue voting until Friday.

Results of the RTPA vote will be posted here with any other contract negotiation updates.

Meanwhile, the next meeting for the bargaining team for negotiations on the 2018-19 contract will take place Thursday afternoon at the district office.