JV football player Salvatore Martinez discusses football team

Q: What do you think about the chemistry with your teammates and coaching staff?

A: We’re really close. We’ve been doing team-building stuff, having parties, and overall for the coaches and teammates, we talk almost every game.


Q: What do you think your team can improve on?

A: Definitely our intensity. During practice we don’t really give it our 100% and when it comes to the game, it takes us, we have to get like, shocked, to start taking it seriously.


Q: Going back to the preseason, what were the coaches expectations and what did you primarily work on before the season started?

A: We’ve been trying to improve our conditioning. Just play calling, route running, and communication on the field.


Q: How is competition for playing time between you and your teammates? Are you satisfied for how much you play or does it not affect you?

A: Of course you want to get the most playing time. Our team is pretty small, so most guys are starting one way while the others are starting another way, but the guys who are in competition, they’re always in competition, going out like every other week, practicing trying to get that first team spot.


Q: How well do you think you personally and your team has been doing? Are you happy with your performance or somewhat disappointed?

A: I’ve been performing well on defense, not so much on offense. That may because of my injury.


Q: So where have you been injured?

A: Just last week I sprained my achilles, week before that it was my shoulder, and before the season even started I dislocated my elbow.


Q: Is there anything else you would like to inform the readers that we did not cover?

A: Come out to the quarry bowl and support us.


by Ryan Jiwa, Aazam Khan, Adrian Torres, Christopher Van Kopp