Izzy Laber makes varsity after one year cheering

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Izzy Laber makes varsity after one year cheering

Kaylie Lake

Kaylie Lake

Kaylie Lake

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Q: How long have you been cheering? Where?

A: I have only been cheering for one year, two years counting this year, just at Whitney.


Q: Why did you start cheering? What did you do before?

A: I started to cheer because I thought it would be a good way to make friends at a new school and I did it to connect with the school and the environment and stuff. I was a gymnast before for like 13 years at extreme gymnastics I made it to level eight.


Q: What is your favorite part about being on varsity?

A: My favorite part about being on varsity is probably being able to cheer at like the main home games and being involved with the Friday night lights.


Q: What kind of team bonding does your team have? How often?

A: On Thursday nights before home games after practice we will go over to someone’s house and will have dinner and it’s really fun and and stuff. Before every home game or big game.


Q: What has been your favorite memory game on the Cheer team?

A: probably cheer camp because cheer camp is really fun, you get to make new friends with people from different schools and stuff so it’s really fun.


Q: What do you want to accomplish by the end of the season?

A:I hope to achieve being closer as a team.


Q: How do cheer and gymnastics relate to each other? Which do you prefer?

A: Cheer and gymnastics are relate to each other because in cheer you tumble and same with Gym you are also part of a team in both. I’d rather be doing cheer because I can make more friends my age and go through the same things that I do with school and school.


Q: What was the hardest part about transferring from JV to varsity? What was the easiest?

A: probably the hardest part was meeting all the new older classmates and stuff like the juniors and seniors. The easiest part of going up to varsity here is probably knowing all the cheers already and  knowing I was already ready to be on the team.

by Eryn Boyer, Kaylie Lake & Maddy Miller